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300 Hot Springs Rd
Montecito, CA, 93108
United States

(805) 969-8011

Casa Dorinda offers independence without worry, healthcare without hassle, and a lifestyle tailored to you.  From fine dining to private medical services, our all-inclusive approach to retirement living will leave you thinking: Life is good, but retirement is even better.

Health Care

Comprehensive healthcare at Casa Dorinda

Truly Exceptional Healthcare

Imagine the piece of mind you would have, if you knew that no matter what – should you need 24-hour full-time nursing, should you not want to burden your family with caring for you, should you outlive your finances – you would be cared for, with no increase to your monthly expenses; this is LifeCare at Casa Dorinda.

Casa Dorinda’s approach to LifeCare is life-long, offering comprehensive healthcare services at a relatively fixed cost. Upon signing your LifeCare contract with Casa, you basically set your living and health expenses for the rest of your life; with occasional fee increases to match inflation. Our monthly fee covers 3 meals daily, housekeeping, and nearly all of your healthcare services - including hospitals, labs, physicians, physical therapy - even Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing services.

As with all healthcare systems, there are some caveats. At Casa Dorinda, those caveats are pretty simple: If the healthcare service is covered by Medicare Part A or Part B and is provided by a Medicare provider, any charges not covered by Medicare are fully covered by the resident’s monthly fee. Likewise, that same monthly fee also fully covers Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing care – all provided in beautiful private suites.

What don’t we cover? We don’t cover private nurses or companions, services from non-Medicare providers, medications (except under Medicare Part A), foreign travel, dentistry, holistic care/supplements, or optometry.

In a world with so many uncertainties, the assurance LifeCare offers is not only peace of mind, but preservation of your estate and the knowledge that you will always receive quality care in a dignified setting.

Our Approach to
Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is a philosophy that recognizes that individuals have unique needs and values. Each resident at Casa Dorinda comes to us with a rich personal history, a unique personality, hopes, dreams and desires. Each person has an equal right to dignity, respect, and to participate in the social and physical environment; and to take full advantage of the services that are offered to our residents regardless of physical or cognitive limitations.

Person-centered care is an interactive process. The residents are participants in their own care throughout their time at Casa Dorinda. Services and supports are designed and delivered in a way that is collaborative and mutually respectful of all persons involved, including the resident, family members, caregivers and staff. Personal choices and preferences are respected and encouraged.